The Power Of Goals!“How To Set Goals & Get More Done So YOU Can Achieve Anything In Life!”

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Whether you want to try to do something as simple as lose a few pounds, or something as complex as starting your own business, it is absolutely important to create and set goals, and then stick to them.

Goals are what make us strive to become better and to continue to press onward so we can have the things we want or be the person we have always wanted to be.

By setting goals, we create a sort of “visionary prize” for ourselves that helps us stay on track.

Without having a goal in mind, the final result does not appear to be as clear.

If we come up with some goals and then stick to meeting them, it’s amazing what we can achieve.

There are many things you can do to help you reach your goals, and with some simple advice and a bit of hard work, your dreams no matter how big or small can come true.

Why Goals are Important:

Goals are important because they help to give you clarity of the final result.

For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, setting small, incremental goals can help encourage you and keep you moving in the right direction.

Once you reach your final goal, a true feeling of achievement takes hold and you gain courage to try something else.

Perhaps it may also encourage you to do something much more bold, like go rock climbing or learn a new sport.

Small goals are wonderful stepping stones towards helping us reach that final outcome.
Aside from helping you move towards the right direction, setting goals make you more accountable to yourself.

If you hadn’t set a personal goal, there is no repercussion if you falter.

On the other hand, if a goal is already put in place, you can begin to create some rules and boundaries to help you stick to it.

Let others know about your goal and keep them informed of your progress.

This way, someone else is aware of what you are working toward and can help to encourage you.

Any goal is designed to help you be responsible for the mistakes you make, or for any learning curves you might experience along the way.

It helps keep us focused with our eyes on the prize, and allows us to better understand what it is we are trying to achieve.

Keep in mind that most successful people began their journey with some kind of goal in mind.

No famous business owner, movie star, or sports hero began their journey expecting everything to simply fall into place the way they wanted it.

Instead, most likely they decided what they wanted in advance, and then worked hard to get there.

The same can be applied to us in our day to day journeys: if we want something big to happen, WE have to make it happen.

This is where the role of setting and sticking to goals comes in.

How to Achieve Your Goals:
No two people are alike, so it is no surprise that not everyone will attempt to reach the goals the same way.
However, we can all utilize some simple techniques that will help us to get to the final goal easier.
Like any task you face, a list is essential.
Create a simple list of things you will need to accomplish before your goal can be reached.
Most goals are reached in steps, so write down all of the steps that will need to be accomplished in advance before the final goal is reached.
You can also make a list of items you might need to buy, books you might need to read, or just little things you can do to prepare for the finalization of your goal ahead of time.
Think about realistic goals versus unrealistic ones, and then only establish goals that you can feasibly conquer.
For instance, if you want that dream car that costs $50,000 and you know you can never afford it, it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your goal.
Maybe the compact sedan for $15,000 is something you can actually afford to purchase and may be what you will really enjoy.
Take some time to really think about which goals are “doable” and which ones might be beyond reach.
Or, you can set a smaller, less lofty goal and then slowly work your way towards your dream goal later.
Often, the most essential part of reaching goals is the process and not the goal itself.
Do not be too hard on yourself if you falter along the way to reaching your goal.
Everyone makes mistakes, and this is how we learn.
Without these little fumbles, we miss out on some very valuable lessons in life.
Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward.
Keep in mind that each mistake you make should be a learning opportunity and just be sure not to repeat it in the future.
Get organized, and keep track of your progress.
If you are quitting smoking, keep tabs on how many cigarettes you have NOT smoked in a day, week, etc.
Tally up the money you’ve saved.

If it’s weight you are trying to lose, make a food diary and write down what you eat each day as well as your calorie and fat content, so you can more clearly see how everything is progressing.

A list written in your day planner, entered into a PDA or iPhone, logged online, or simply written on a notepad can really help you see where your progress is being made.

In addition, every small step or thing you complete gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This feeling only helps to encourage you to push forward and reach for the stars.

Depending on what your ultimate goal is, you might even want to recruit the help of a friend.

Perhaps you and someone you know have a similar goal in mind.

It can be something as simple as getting more exercise, or something as lofty as starting your own business.

If you have a support system, you are more likely to be successful.

Plus, your “goal buddy” might be able to offer some helpful advice and you can learn something from each other along the way.

Having a true support system makes a huge difference between achieving your goal and just thinking about it.

In addition, having someone walk down the path with you can make it much more fun, and seem less like a task that you feel you HAVE to do.

Sometimes, a matter of achieving your goals can be as simple as your frame of mind.

Try some meditation techniques to help you feel calm and more relaxed.
Yoga, walking, relaxing music, and just plain old quiet time can do wonders for your psyche.

Try to eliminate some of the more stressful elements in your life.

By doing this, you are allowing more room in your mind and more time on your hands to focus on the more important things.
Do not let things upset you as easily as you once did.

Instead, learn new coping skills so you can quickly solve problems and turn your attention back towards your goal.

Utilize the new technology that is available to you.

You can use a myriad of goal setting and tracking software for everything from weight loss to business achievements.

If you own a website, there are a great deal of web tracking software programs that will help you analyze your current sales and help you reach your goal.

Make the Internet work for you by searching for goal related programs and websites that will be your ally throughout the process.

Think about things like time management, and how these programs can assist you with it.

In fact, time management is another key part of accomplishing a goal.

By better being able to manage how you use your time, you can see where there might be room for improvement and then focus on how to gain more time to get what you want.

Consider your personal habits when you set a goal.

For example, do you drink often or even in excess on the weekends?

How is this getting in the way of your goal?

Do you have a messy household that constantly needs cleaning?

Come up with a list of personal habits that might be considered unhealthy or harmful, and think about how you can change these habits so that you feel more comfortable with your life.

Eliminating negativity will do wonders for your life as well as your ability to reach your goals.

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